Str Energiei Nr. 502
Darmanesti 605300, Romania
Tel: +40 234 356 902
Fax: +40 234 356 906
Mobil:+40 756 048 823 

About US

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The factory Uz Brichet is located in Sub-Carpathians in Darmanesti , Bacau county .

We are glad to have a modern production line of wood granules known international as ‘pellets’. In this way we gave a hand in resolving the pollution problem with sawdust and chips from Uzului Valley and Trotusului Valley. Our pallets are the ones whose basic material is made from wood sawdust clean chips.

With 14.8 million hectares Romania is the second largest producer of agricultural products in Central and Eastern Europe behind Poland and currently holds one of the best positions in Europe in terms of biomass. Romanian forestland which accounts for 28 % of the total land area has main tree species : beech (32 %), followed by spruce (24 %) and oak (18 %)

Firewood and agricultural wastes make up about 80 % of the total biomass while wood wastes from industrial processes about 6.5 %. About 66 % of firewood and 66 % of wood wastes are located in the Carpathians and Sub-Carpathians


Ministerul Padurilor si Mediului sustine prin programul “Casa Verde’ incalzirea pe peleti.